IMHO Installment #29: Morally Bankrupt Sexually Rampant Teens May Safely Continue Their Little Soirees

17 Apr 2007

One of my cow-orkers forwarded an "emergency email" to me this morning, declaring my duty to share it immediately with everyone I know. The warning, forwarded to about 600 others as well, reported that most lipstick contains lead, which causes cancer. Therefore (obviously), women should stop wearing the brands mentioned in the email.

This seemed a little far fetched to be genuine -- possibly even designed as a diabolical attempt to virally influence stock prices, perpetrated by some jagoff daytrader trying to short sell EstA©e Lauder stock. (That company happens to be a major sponsor of breast cancer research, btw. And, the co-founder lived to be 97, dying of heart failure, not cancer.) As suspected, the email's totally false of course (and an OLD rumor as well).

IMHO: This is excellent news for most women, female impersonators, "lipstick lesbians," the cosmetics industry and, perhaps most importantly, our country's morally bankrupt, sexually rampant teenagers, who may now continue their little " rainbow parties " with no fear of contracting cancer in the process.

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On April 17, 2007, Winter wrote:

Dragon Laugh: Now I will too..

On April 18, 2007, Grant Miller wrote:

I love getting panicky emails that are total frauds.

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