IMHO Installment #17: Hinder's "Fan of the Week" Should Not Become an Editor

27 Mar 2007

Today, I'd planned to poke some serious fun at country music "artist" Jack Ingram, who covered (read "botched") the much-overplayed, yet still cool, rock manifesto on infidelity, "Lips of an Angel." However, upon researching the issue (and, all blog entries on BSUWG are extensively researched), I came across an absolute gem.

As such, to follow-up on IMHO Installment #9 (which outlined my views on why becoming an editor is imprudent for English majors), I present you with the sentiments of Jennifer Almond, "Hinder Fan of the Week":

well the reason i feel that i am your guyses bigest fan is because i under stand alot of the things you guys have went through to be were you guys are at right now and i respect,and congratulate you guys for making it, you guys are amazing and have amazing tallents you deserve to be were you guys are at, you worked hard for it im sure and you make me nothing but smiles Austin! you have a one of a kind breath taking voice and you have been truelly blessed i just bought your new cd a couple months ago when it first came out and theres not one song on the cd i dont like all the lyrics i can relate to and ther just very deep, i just love you guys and the tallent you display. well keep it comeing i cant wait till the next cd comes out!with lots of love from a true Fan.

Heartfelt and poignant? Sure. But, IMHO, Jennifer probably should not consider a career in the editorial field. This concludes installment #17.

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On March 27, 2007, wormstooth wrote:

One of my daughters teaches at the local high school. That type of blissful illiteracy is not rare.

On March 27, 2007, Grant Miller wrote:

Is our children learning?

On March 27, 2007, Blue Wren wrote:

i think your rite on teh munie Mr. BSUWG cuz your won of the smartest guys i now.

On March 28, 2007, Winter wrote:

I have to use "guyses" from now on.

I have to.

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