IMHO Installment #16: Maybe this Aussie Bastard IS Al-Queda!

26 Mar 2007

At first, I doubted it. I heard there was some guy from Australia in Gitmo. Come on ... For fuck's sake, there aren't any Australian terrorists ! That's insane! Australia is all cuddly wallabies and cute little dingoes. They all sit around campfires and play with their didgeridoos. (I wish ol' Simon Knight was still around, because I'm sure he'd have chimed in. That dude had some of the best stories I've ever read; too bad he doesn't blog anymore.)

Anyway, I couldn't believe the hype. Then I read the article. Four paragraphs in, it lays this on you: "The 31-year-old former kangaroo skinner [David Hicks] and outback cowboy said he was satisfied with his defense team but would ask later for more defense lawyers."

Well, that motherfucker. Looks like karma is making a little appearance, innit, Davey? I mean, I'm no lawyer, and I'm in favor of habeus corpus, but you start skinning innocent little joeys, and I say you gots to pay the piper.

This concludes IMHO Installment #16. (Oh, btw ... I googled "kangaroo skinner" to find a fitting picture. The woman shown above came up. It was either show that or some dead kangaroos, so I thought I'd err on the side of ... well, men.)

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On March 27, 2007, Rhythmball Lynn wrote:

Dude, if some a-hole from Marin can be a terrorist, ANYONE can be a terrorist.

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