IMHO Installment #10: You Shouldn't "Robo"

22 Mar 2007

My freshman year of college, I sat next to this football jock in English 101. Kirby Hall, it was called, 1st floor. The classroom, just a century earlier, had been a dining room or possibly a large parlour in an opulent coal baron house. Maybe that's why I majored in English ... the dark woodwork, the stained glass, the way the old staircases groaned under your feet. The charm, you know? (Most other majors spent their time in cinder block buildings.)

But, the football jock wasn't really that charming. He loved to "Robo," he said. Every few days, he'd tell me how "wrecked" he'd been the previous night. When I asked what "Robo-ing" was, he told me: "You drink an entire bottle of Robitussin cough syrup. Fucks you up like nothing else."

Now, I was pretty adventuresome (read "painfully stupid") in those days, but this seemed like a pretty bad idea to me, no matter how "awesome" Mr. Jock described it as.

IMHO: It's still a pretty bad idea.

Epilogue: Football Jock stopped attending classes one day. I found out he'd been killed in a car accident. I always suspected cough syrup involvement, but never said anything. For a dumb Jock, he was actually a pretty nice guy.

Bonus Link: The pic above is a screen grab from the "Sippin on Some Syrup" video by Three 6 Mafia (from their pre-Academy Award days).

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