Contenders for the Headline Pulitzer Prize, #1

20 Mar 2007

This is incredible news, fresh off Yahoo this morning and NOT photoshopped. Were anyone else's eyes opened this morning, as were mine? As it turns out, George Bush doesn't see eye to eye with Congress regarding the war. After reading this incredible report, I'm beginning to suspect that there are two main camps of thought in this country -- those for the war and those against it. Man, this is huge ! Who knew?!! That reporter deserves a nomination or something, I think. Hell, what's she going to dig up next? Maybe she can look into whether liberals and conservatives disagree on any other issues. Gosh, I don't know what those might be, but I'll wager some investigative reporting might uncover a thing or two. There's this one issue ... Global something or other. I've heard a couple of slightly differing opinions on that one. And Evolution versus ... . oh, it escapes me now ... but I'm sure some people feel strongly about that one. Oh, and there's this big women's rights court case Row-vee Wade or something ... seems a mildly divisive issue. Hell, if she uncovers enough of them and they're consistent, maybe she can even color-code the two sides -- make one red and the other some other color. It could be huge.

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