Patrick's New IMHO Series: Installment #1

12 Mar 2007

IMHO ...

Try as I may, I just don't respect "abstract" artists very much. I get that it was pioneering at the time, and I do respect that, more than I'll probably show below. But, once that ground was well established, I feel that others who came along could have been anyone. I don't (usually) see any real talent, that is, aside from whoever did it first.

When I learned that someone bought one of Jackson Pollock's paintings for $140 million, I laughed and thought, "Sucker." Take a look at the painting in question, his "No. 5, 1948":

Come on ... $140 mil? For that price, you could've had almost TWO Renoirs! This one ...

... sold for just $78 million, for example. Now Renoir, IMHO, could MF-ing paint!

Seriously ... Contrast, say, Jackson Pollock's 1948 paint splattering (above) with, say, one of Andrew Wyeth's more famous pieces from the same year:

Now, go ahead and tell me which painting has more artistic merit. It's okay if you disagree with me ... It's all just opinion, and I won't hold it against you if you're dreadfully wrong. Wyeth is a living American treasure; Pollock was just some creator of noise, which is nothing more than the easy way out. Lazy even. Egotistical. Boring.

Bottom line: I think I could produce paintings just as good as Pollock. Maybe even better. Because, let's face it, they all suck ass. How much talent does it take to splash a bunch of oil paint all over the place? IMHO: Not much. So, how do I "feel" after viewing No. 5, 1948? Insanely jealous; that's how ($140 million!). (On the other hand, my comments above about the pioneering aspect do apply still, I suppose.)

[To the two or three of you out there who may think I'm just being ironic: I'm not. I actually don't like Pollock.]

This concludes Patrick Hillman's New IMHO Series, Installment #1. Stay tuned for more.

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On March 14, 2007, Chaylene wrote:

I remember going to the Art Institute for a field trip in high school and one of my classmates bagging on an "experimental" piece saying, "Dude, I could do that!"

My teacher responded, "Maybe, but he did it first."

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