IMHO Installment #96: I Acted Responsibly, for Once

13 Sep 2007


While driving home for my daily 1.5 hour lunch, I noticed that the large mulch-covered embankment next to our office parking lot was on fire. Not a huge inferno; just a couple-foot wide circle with 3"-high flames. I considered my options: (1) let the motherfucker burn; (2) call the office receptionist on my cell and let her deal with it; (3) call 9-1-1; (4) consider urinating on it; (5) fuel the thing in some casual way; or (6) ignore the situation and see what develops by the time I return.

I'd nearly gone with my gut, Option 6, when some new phenomenon descended upon me. I think some people refer to this as "conscience." God damn it!, I thought. Where'd that come from? Time was, ignoring a fire (especially one that I did not start) was kind of fun. After all, the blaze was dangerously close to a silver Acura, owned by this bitchy chain-smoking mortgage broker who exudes more bad vibes into the world than Britney Spears. 'd be kinda neat to see that Acura charred, I thought. Built-in-doggie-seat and all. I briefly imagined the excitement upon my return ... Fire trucks everywhere, radios blaring, lights flashing, public officials directing traffic, maybe even a full-blown office evacuation.

In the end, though, I put the damned thing out. First I stomped it, to no avail. (I suppose I'd waited too long considering the above options.) Returning to my car, I checked the back seat where my daughter routinely leaves bottled beverages on the floor. Sure enough, I found a full Aquafina. In no time, the angry conflagration was reduced to a smoldering pile of warm, wet mulch.

I realized I was a hero, of the unsung variety. I'd not only risked my own safety, but I'd sacrificed upwards of three minutes of my personal lunch hour and a half in order to save an Acura with a built-in doggie seat. I took those three minutes back, though. I figure it took me ten or more to blog about it. So, I'm still seven ahead of the game.

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On September 14, 2007, Sturdy Girl wrote:

ok, who are you and what have you done with patrick?

you PUT OUT a fire???

On September 15, 2007, The Idea Of Progress wrote:

That appears to be an act of Civil Obedience.

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