IMHO Installment #11: There's Nothing Interesting About Squid

23 Mar 2007

In any given newspaper or news web site, I always love the science section. Dinosaurs, space exploration, archaeology ... all interesting. But IMHO : There's nothing at all even remotely interesting about squid.

Seems every damn week, there's a headline touting some colossal, gigantic, ultra-rare squid caught. If they're so god damned rare, why are they caught and reported on every friggin week?! I'm sick of it. SICK of it. I couldn't give less of a fuck about squid. I don't care if it's 100 feet long and weighs a ton; I DO NOT LIKE SQUID, SAM I AM! (Until y'all find a 500-foot long one that swallows ships, that is. Then it'd be cool.)

So, dammit, let's get back to some REAL science news (okay, science editors of the world?). Gimme some damn tyrannosaurus bones, some new pyramids, a new cache of gold bullion, evidence of life on Uranus, a cure for AIDS, lost tribes in Africa with life expectancies of 150 years, giant flowers that smell like corpses when they bloom, cold-fusion, superconductors, nonotechnology, more stories about how chocolate is healthy, ANYTHING!

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On March 28, 2007, Winter wrote:

I like fried squid. What about a story about that?

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