IMHO Installment #7: Dogs: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

19 Mar 2007

Of the blogs I read, several post occasional stories about their dogs. There's Wormstooth and the wayfaring Gwen, Blue Wren and her loyal hellhound who'll maul anyone that looks sideways at his master, Bobby Lightfoot and his contumacious Sal the Feist, and Brutus' Dad and his stunning boxer, Rocky. I love dog stories and dog pictures. So, without further adieu, here's my opinion on canines:

The Good:

The Bad:

The Smelly Leg-Humpers:

Feel free to disagree. All just IMHO ...

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On March 19, 2007, Grant Miller wrote:

FYI: Those dogs hate you, too.

On March 19, 2007, Anonymous wrote:

Aww ... the red dobe remindes me of your dog. You should share some stories, sometime. She was such a GREAT dog. ~ Sis.

On March 20, 2007, Chaylene wrote:

I have two Pugs. They are the sweetest, most lovable dogs in the universe, but not very smart.

If someone dares to walk past my house (even if they are on the sidewalk across the street), they go apeshit, barking their heads off at the window.
However, if that same person were to cross the threshold into my home wielding a knife, they would be on their backs begging for a belly scratch.

On March 20, 2007, Bobby Lightfoot wrote:

Heh. "Contumacious".

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