Ode to Zamfir and other things

22 Apr 2014

Would be a good poem for all poets to write
Because everyone is out there, lost
And looking for a magical pan-flute

Poems are just like letters,
Because you have to write 'em to get 'em.
And what of the Muses?

Should the poet thank his Muse?
You know, take 'em out to dinner,
Wine, Dine, and Sixty-Nine Your Muse?

What's in it for them, anyway?
And what could you possibly write
If she does or does not have an orgasm?

Or would she have a Muse-gasm?
Yes, the Sex Muse, ladies and gentlemen,
The source of Zamfir's vibrato(r),

The invisible woman who sits
On the ends of pens, gyrating
So fast that the dripping love-juices

Become lyrics. A muse who is
Nymphomaniac is a most prolific muse!
Naughty girl! is what I say,

Naughty Muse is when a pen writes by itself,
Or when flutes play without
The lips of someone like Zamfir.

[circa 1989 / 1990]

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