The Sinner's End

22 Apr 2014

Does the Lord decide to despise the ones
who chance a late arrival to his house?
Each holy day, the sacred mass begins
punctually at ten-thirty a.m.,
yet, there are those who still show up after.
Should a person choose to arrive early,
is this not a more holy intention?

The center of the old wooden church pew
is a center of holiness which can
be reached only from being pushed inwards
by those who arrive late without respect.
As the first worshipper is pushed into
the sacred center, the last man must sit
in silent sorrow in the Sinner's End.

One day, the Lord will stroll down the center
aisle, dragging a long white robe thicker than
the aisle and the end will be all ablaze.
It is the late man who will feel the fire.
Those who arrived early and were pushed to
the center by sinners will behold the
fiery wrath which burns the Sinner's End.

[circa 1988]

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