The Unanswered Flower

22 Apr 2014

Miss Rose, looking weary,
looked out through the sill
and said, "Can anyone tell me
what is softer than silk?"

I did not understand,
but she must have thought I
was raising my hand,
though I was just trying

to catch floating pieces
of things in the air.
She stopped my daydream
and I had no answer.

"The way I see it, Miss Rose,
feathers are softer."
But then I noticed
that this really upset her.

"Feathers aren't that soft
from our good friend the sparrow.
Sure, they'll help out with loft
at the end of an arrow,

but, soft? No, not those.
They're not soft at all."
I said, "Hey, Miss Rose,
what about rose petals?

Why if someone pushed me
from an airplane into
a big bowl of something,
and say I get to choose

either a bowl of silk dresses
or a bowl of rose petals,
the bowl I would choose is
the bowl of rose petals."

My mind landed nicely,
and Miss Rose liked my fall,
but I was enticed
by the thought of it all.

The bowl has to be
miles deep when I land.
I'm falling and watching
the sky as I descend.

Red circles fly upwards
and, I don't know why,
but, miles into the roses,
I can still see the sky.

I mean, if I was really
falling into this mess,
I suppose I'd be buried
in this bowl of red petals.

But, again I awoke
from my red fantasy.
I looked up and spoke
to Miss Rose from my seat.

As she stared out the sill,
I said to Miss Rose,
"Tell us which bowlfull--
--if you had to choose."

"Rose petals or silk? Well,
they're every girl's dream."
She gently smiled
as she looked down at me.

"I'll take roses or silk,
or sometimes, picklejuice.
Sometimes even milk."
All of the kids cried "Ooooooh."

But then, they all
began to say
what they would fall
into from an airplane.

A romantic said "love,"
and most boys said "pillows,"
but one wanted to dive
through a tower of jello.

"I'll start at the top
and eat my way out!"
But Miss Rose said, "That's not
what my question's about."

"The question's about silk,
and what could be softer."
But, Miss Rose started to wilt
like an unanswered flower.

[circa 1988 / 1989]

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