A Hare's Defense (stuffed rabbits are better than stuffed bears)

22 Apr 2014

Please love Jaques.
Confide in the rabbit.
Cry on this animal.
For, who will listen better?
Whose ears are better than a rabbit's?

In a moment of need, would
some bear, some mighty bear, any mighty bear,
any large, carnivorous man-killer
care about your inner feelings?
Does a bear, a rugged, brutal bear,
show compassion as he tears
raw flesh from his prey?
Is a bear, any bear,
any terrible bear, ever there, for you
when you truly need an animals advice?

A black bear,
grips and tears,
a fish's body apart with white fangs.
And, over there,
another bear,
another black bear,
murders three vacationing campers.
A mother, husband, and child are dead.
They'll never return to their home,
their family, their friends, their neighbors,
their yard, their garden,


gentle rabbits nibble sparingly at a few leaves.
Gentle white rabbits,
eyes red with love ready to give
to anyone who'll hold, and caress--
Big ears to listen
to anyone who'll tell--
Twitching noses, to amuse,
when anyone is down.
Rear paws, just powerful enough
to turn any mood into happiness.
A sense of wisdom, peace, comfort, rebirth,
that is only truly found in a rabbit.

[circa 1988]

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