Thought Intrinsic

22 Apr 2014

I strolled into a store that had for sale
a piano nine feet long and shining black.
There was one other man inside. The tail
of his tuxedo hung in awe well past

the leather cushioned bench. He did not know
that I was in the room. "Alone." he thought.
He played with such a power, so alone.
I listened long enough not getting caught.

But then, I was so deep within the spell
of this, he could not hear his song above
my own applause. Then he who played so well
stopped dead. Like looking at a dying love,

he looked worried at me. I said "Your tone
has great allure." He said, with soft piano,
"I can not stay, I thought I was alone."
He quickly fled. I always wished to know

exactly who he was. I gained a bonus--
I felt my heart which pounded in my vest,
and heard a sound that one must hear alone;
Intrinsic piano playing at its best.

[circa 1987]

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