A New Stone Comes to Me!

15 Jan 2010


Back in September, I ended my 365-day Moldavite Encounter post with:

Thoughts crossed my mind of simply replacing it -- dial one up on eBay or something. But, I know enough now to know that this isn't how it ideally works. Whether it's a crystal or an animal totem or any metaphysical symbol, I think it has to happen to you; you can't (or, really, shouldn't) force it. Yes, there is a time for proactivity in life, and such willful volition is certainly commendable and useful, but there's also much meaning in what happens to us, what crosses our path, what we're called to, what we're called by. It's great to tune into that, as all of these things are another consciousness from which we can learn and elevate. So, I guess I'll just hang with the pits for a while, until some other mystic crystal revelation occurs.

When I said, "replacing it," I was referencing the piece of Moldavite that had been with me for exactly 365 days. When I said, "hang with the pits," I was referencing two small olive pits that I'd put into the locket until such time as another stone came to me.

Well, it happened! So, I thought I'd document the story.

I'm pretty sure this happened on January 10, 2010, on the very last day of my 40th year. (Significant?) I was cleaning our bathroom and, absolutely on a whim, decided to clean out the medicine cabinet. (Significant?) It's a smallish cabinet -- a little four-shelfer built into our bathroom wall. So, I first went about emptying the whole thing so I could sort through all of the contents, arranging them by type, etc. We had a ton of junk in there -- outdated cold medicines, leaky tubes of antibiotic creams, makeup goodies of my daughter's. And then I saw it -- down in the bottom right corner of the cabinet, where it had no doubt sat for many years (where it came from I haven't a clue), was a gorgeous little ball of amethyst. It was absolutely the *perfect* size for the locket, almost as though it had been formed for that purpose.

So, I washed it off (it was quite dusty) and placed it in the locket. I decided not to look up the meaning of amethyst (for now). I'd rather see what events transpire in the coming times, and then maybe after sensing that I should look into it, I will (and then compare whatever happened to the traits associated with amethyst). It does feel ... hmmm, what's the word for it. Appropriate, I guess. It feels in line with the rather expanded perception I've gained, as explained in the post immediately previous to this one.

Most of all, I'm just amazed at how it played out. I actively decided NOT to replace the moldavite and instead wait for something to come to me. And it DID!

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On January 18, 2010, Flannery Alden wrote:

I looked up the meaning and I won't spill the beans ... but I think I'm going to try to stumble on some amethyst myself. Actually ... I thihk I just did.

On January 25, 2010, GETkristiLOVE wrote:

I'm with Flannery - had to look it up because my Grandmother left me a lot of amethyst jewelry. Very interesting ...

On February 2, 2010, JBanholzer wrote:

This may seem a little weird, but do you remember a while back when I mentioned that something unusual has happened to many of my friends, on or around their 39th or 41st birthday?

On April 18, 2010, Anonymous wrote:

I love rings but I love lesbian women more!

I hope someone gay stalks me until the day I die.

What an interesting blog.

I want to blow shit up with gas someday too.

Maybe we can start with a camper for kindling.

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