My 365-day Moldavite Encounter

24 Sep 2009


It's very interesting to me that my friend Jim just published a synchronicity tale involving a semi-precious gemstone necklace -- because I have a similar story to tell today (well, at least similar in that it's centered around what I personally view as a powerful synchronicity involving a necklace containing a special stone). A warning: This post will be at least as "out there" as any other I've posted here -- perhaps much more. S ee what you make of this, Jim!

* * *

Many years ago, my wife returned from a Fairy Festival bearing a gift for me -- a pendulum-shaped silver pendant with a Celtic design. It looked like this:


Inside the pendant was a small green stone. I remember thanking her for it at the time with a kind of contrived gratitude, not caring for it much. I'm not sure why -- although, looking back, I suppose perhaps I unconsciously sensed that it bore a kind of energy that was diametrically opposed to my own at the time. Had you asked me at the time, though, and had I been honest in my reply, I probably would have said that it just "wasn't me." (And, back then, it wasn't!)

I did generally appreciate the gesture, of course. But, I nevertheless put it into a jewelry box where it sat dormant for years.

* * *

Now, I've posted numerous tales of spiritual awakening here. One critical detail I seem to have left out of all of these stories was the role of this necklace. While this is something I'd personally noted quite some time ago, I never wrote about it, as it never struck me as anything more than moderately eyebrow-raising. But, things took a step into the realm of full-on synchronicity this past weekend.

You see, back when I had what I now refer to as my "awakening" (September 18, 2008), I did something extremely inexplicable the next day (September 19, 2008). For some then unknown-to-me reason, I matter-of-factly walked to the jewelry box sitting on my dresser and dug out the above necklace. Wendi happened to have a silver chain in her possession that fit it (and me) perfectly, and I simply put it on.

Looking back, this is without a doubt one of the more unusual details of all of the mystical stories I've told on these pages over the past year. There is no rational reason that exists for this action. None whatsoever. I don't even know how I might have remembered that it was even in the jewelry box in the first place! ... It's exactly as though I was called to do something on a very deep, sub-conscious level, and then I did it as though it was the most natural thing in the world to do (when, just a day before, the act of donning this necklace *never* could have occurred).

At first, I wasn't thinking of the stone inside at all. There was a small flyer that came with it, which was still there when I put it on, but I didn't pay much attention to the text at the time. I think I just viewed this whole act as my deciding to don the pendant. But, later on, I thought more about the stone and read up on it. It was Moldavite. And, when I learned about the meaning commonly associated with Moldavite (spiritual awakening), I remember thinking how "coincidental" it was that all of these unusual (for me) spiritual experiences were happening to me. (This page has some great info. I'll quote a bit here.)

Moldavite is a cardinal Storm element stone. Storm represents massive transformation, cleansing and change on all levels, and Moldavite certainly lives up to that reputation. Moldavite is perhaps the most easily felt of all minerals. It carries an intense frequency that deeply activates the entire chakra system, stimulates the kundalini, cracks open one's psychic channels and propels one into one's future with the force of a hurricane. But, don't let this scare you! Sometimes this cosmic 'boot in the butt' is exactly what is required to dislodge psychic debris from one's life and kick-start one's spiritual development. ~Naisha Ahsian

This is an eerily spot-on description, given the experiences of the past year. I didn't really know much about the stone at first. When I first put the necklace on, I just kind of intuitively knew that I should wear it, not questioning it at all. But, a little later when I read some things about Moldavite, I did begin to regard it as even more meaningful, and I often held the locket in my hands as I searched for guidance on issues I'd been working through. More than occasionally, I would go to sleep grasping the locket, or hold onto it for a while before meditating (sometimes during meditation).

* * *

A few weeks ago at the Raw Spirit Festival outside of Washington, D.C., the stone played a role in introducing me to some new friends. I'd somehow struck up a conversation with two complete strangers, Dawud and MariJane, who very soon told me that they were just at a gemstone booth searching for some Moldavite. I was a bit stunned. "Really? I'm wearing some right now!" I pulled my necklace out and showed them. They kind of freaked out (in a "whoa!" kind of way). It turns out they were both really into crystals. In fact, Dawud reached into his bag and began telling me how the vibration of Moldavite is enhanced with another specific kind of stone, Danburite. (I've since seen pendants online, such as the one on this page, purposely designed using a Moldavite / Danburite pairing.)

Of all the stones in the world, he happened to be carrying some Danburite at the time -- kind of a longish, white crystal a few inches long -- and he suggested that I hang onto it for a while as we continued to chat. So, we had a fascinating conversation, hung out for a good hour or so, and capped it all off with a quick third-eye meditation back at the camp site, just for good measure. (Yeah, it was that kind of weekend where things like that could spontaneously happen.)

A quick tangent ... Later, another seemingly random act put me in their presence once again. I was walking along on my own at that fair and, out of the blue, heard a woman I know say, "Oh, here's Jim." Without saying a word, the woman simply handed me an iPhone, and another person I knew was on the line (another bizarre coincidence). He asked me if I'd seen a friend of his at the fair. I hadn't, but offered to take a look around the campsite for the person. (I'd been camping there in a special area as a fair volunteer, and this person I then set out to look for was also apparently a volunteer.)

So, I headed off to look for this guy, and wound up running into Dawud and MariJane again. In a turn of events I do not fully recall, we struck up a conversation about 2012 and the Mayan calendar prophesies. They were, coincidentally, really into the Mayan calendar and a whole related astrological system. MariJane offered to look up some personal information for me, based on my birthday. According to that system, I'm a Yellow Lunar Star . You can find out your Mayan Oracle symbol here. The symbol for mine, btw, is:


My affirmation is: I polarize in order to beautify, stabilizing art, I seal the store of elegance, with the lunar tone of challenge, I am guided by the power of universal fire. (Just recording that here for future reference ... MariJane actually wrote it up on an index card for me, in full color. It's totally cool. I should also note that she did one for my wife as well. I was a little concerned at first, as Wendi -- who, btw, is a galactic activation portal (certainly no surprise to anyone who knows her) -- turns out to be guided by universal water. Upon seeing this, I said in a concerned tone, "Wait a minute ... I'm universal fire, and she's universal water. That's bad, right?" Dawud didn't miss a beat. "No, man, that's steam !" ... Yeah, I knew I liked that guy right from the start.)

* * *

Okay, so last Saturday, we went to a raw food meetup in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. I'd never been there until a few weeks before on the way down to that festival I mentioned above. (I'd even written up an incredible little tale on our other blog about Berkeley Springs and its potential as an "ormus hotspot.")

So, there we were on Saturday afternoon, gathered with friends, eating delicious, nutritious foods, chatting, hula-hooping on the lawn by the gazebo ... when my friend Rawbin said to me, "Hey Jim, wasn't there a stone in your locket."

I nodded and said, "Yeah, it's Moldavite."

But then she said, "I know, but it's gone now. The locket is open."

I thought, "Open? What does she mean?" You see, I never knew it could be opened! I'd always thought it was soldered shut. And yet, now it looked like this ...


... except the cosmic, spiritual-awakening stone from outer space was gone! Turns out the whole time it was just a very simple snapping clasp that held it shut. I could have opened it at any time -- could have made actual, physical contact with the Moldavite -- but never did.

At first, I was rather bummed out to have lost something so special. But, as people began to comb the surrounding grass, Wendi said, "When did you first put that necklace on?"

It was at that moment when I stopped looking for it, even though I let the others continue their search. I realized then that it had been exactly one year to the day since I attached that stone to my person full-time, perhaps even one year to the hour, for all I knew. Somewhat saddened by its loss, I surmised that the Moldavite's departure constituted an act of consciousness. In fact, I just "know" this somehow -- even though I realize that such a statement probably sounds pretty far-out to a lot of people. It's mission complete, the stone left me. That's the bottom line here.

* * *

I have no meaningful epilogue for this tale (yet). For now, I placed two small olive pits in the pendant, just for something random to do (Wendi's half-joking suggestion, to be honest). Totally different energy ...

I miss the Moldavite, feel its absence. I wish I'd known about the locket being openable all along, wish I'd had a chance to make physical contact with that powerful energy. Does it strike anyone else as peculiar that I "owned" a stone for exactly one year, wore it on my person at all times, yet never touched it -- when I easily could have at any time by simply opening a locket that I never knew opened?!

Thoughts crossed my mind of simply replacing it -- dial one up on eBay or something. But, I know enough now to know that this isn't how it ideally works. Whether it's a crystal or an animal totem or any metaphysical symbol, I think it has to happen to you; you can't (or, really, shouldn't) force it. Yes, there is a time for proactivity in life, and such willful volition is certainly commendable and useful, but there's also much meaning in what happens to us, what crosses our path, what we're called to, what we're called by. It's great to tune into that, as all of these things are another consciousness from which we can learn and elevate. So, I guess I'll just hang with the pits for a while, until some other mystic crystal revelation occurs.

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On September 25, 2009, JBanholzer wrote:

Random thoughts on gemstone pendulums:

Yesterday, I swung down to Bellevue to pick up some 300 lb. petrified wood tables for delivery. While there, I noticed they also had some even larger jasper stone tables that probably weighed somewhere between 700 and 900 pounds. I don’t know if at any time in my life, if these were stones I would want to touch.

Perhaps the gem was too precious for you to touch, as it lay dormant, and even as you donned it for a year. If you had touched it, it might have shocked you.

Wendi discovered the pendulum at a Fairy Festival. It’s said that fairies dance in circles to enter new-enchanted realms. You danced in a full circle, revolving around the sun a full year, while donning the untouched gem.

The pendulum swung the gemstone back into earth after a full year.

Your tale reminds me of an anagram I discover a few weeks back:
In love, opposites attract = Reactivates spot onto lip

By the way, today on the Macgregor’s Synchronicity blog, they’ve posted am amazing coincidence, regarding Emerald City:

I don’t know what the silver could signify, though perhaps another blog reader can awaken us on that.

-Jim B.

On September 25, 2009, Trish and Rob MacGregor wrote:

Jim B sent us here! Great story. I just bought some moldavite earrings and now plan to touch them a lot more!!

On November 18, 2009, GETkristiLOVE wrote:

I'm a Blue Eagle - I define in order to create!

Thanks for this story BSUWG - I'm glad you are happy in your new spirituality and way of eating.

On October 27, 2013, Joanna wrote:

Yea - I just arrived in California to live for the winter - and met a guy who bought me some moldivite - it's all been very serendipitous and he told me, as did his friend he bought it from, that the moldivite comes and goes - so yours will probably come back - it seems to go and come through portals - so if its gone for now, so be it - but it will find you again when you need it. and the fact that you did not touch it - that's just your thing - you have to trust that it was right for the time - that you did not know you could touch it, etc :-x

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