Place in Bag

15 Sep 2009

Here's a little story from my other blog. Mostly, I use that one to ramble on, each night, about the merits of doing pushups. But this installment has a mildly interesting story that I like to call "Place in Bag." It's about how we overcomplicate our lives. I could definitely tell it better than I did in this video, but you'll get the gist, hopefully.

Life is hugely busy otherwise. My wife's battling Lyme disease, we're still trying to sell our home, we're working almost every night on so many amazing projects for our other blog and business (Pure Jeevan), we're researching the ideal town to move to (Northern CA or Southern OR most likely), we're trying to determine whether we're attending a large festival in Arizona in a few weeks -- largely depending on my wife's physical condition and our ability to secure a dog watcher, we're planning a roadtrip for next weekend, and we're continually busy planning other details of our move out West and for our future off-the-grid / out-of-the-box / free-agent lifestyle. So, life is good -- just BUSY.

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