One More Reason Sarah Palin Is Wrong for America

05 Sep 2008


While I maintain my independent political status, I may as well add my two cents to the growing list of reasons why Sarah Palin is painfully unqualified to potentially lead the nation. I say forget all of the well-known arguments against her ...

* That insignificant issue of her saying "thanks but no-thanks" to Congress RE the infamous "bridge to nowhere" -- yet still pocketing the cash for Alaska? Forgiven. (With all of the billions in other governmental waste, what's a few hundred million extra bucks stashed away for the good folks in Alaska? Besides, it gets cold in Alaska; they may need to burn that money to stay warm.)

* That ridiculous hyperbolic description she gave about her "actual responsibilities" as a mayor of a town of 5,000? Forget about it. (I'm sure it was a demanding gig that neither you nor I could have handled with as much grace. After all, it takes a rocket-scientist/world-leader to decide which local asphalt contractor to hire to refill the town's most critical potholes.)

* That constant pandering to the religious right? Think nothing of it. (She's on a mission from God, after all. -- No joke there, that's pretty much what she said, I think.)

* The incessant, borderline-annoying driving-home of the McCain "war-hero" key message? Look beyond it. (We get it, okay?)

What pissed me off was another nit-picky thing: When she was Governor, the lipstick-clad pit bull reportedly fired her personal chef (the existence of such a position being a time-honored tradition of important people everywhere).

See, this irks me more than almost anything else she said or didn't say. Why? Because, if any group of people on this earth truly NEEDS personal chefs, it's people like state governors.

Look, I realize it probably costs state taxpayers another nickel (each) to hire an elite chef for the governor (and, yes this reduces each Alaskan's annual oil revenue payment to maybe $1,599.95 or something). But, what do you want your governor to be thinking about while in charge? Do you want her attending to the issues facing the state or waiting around to flip pancakes in the morning, grilled cheeses in the afternoon, and burgers in the evening for her own small but ever-growing brood? (Maybe with some sex-education, Sarah would finally figure out where all the bambinos are coming from!)

Having a personal chef doesn't mean you're better than everyone else, Sarah, it just means you have less time. I'd hate to imagine the U.S. on the brink of some critical international crisis and "Mother Sarah" simply nukes the offending country because she didn't have time to attempt a peaceful resolution -- because Todd, Track, Trig, Willow, Bristol, and Piper couldn't miss Manwich night.

(Oh, and "Piper"? Wasn' that one of the witches' names on "Charmed"? Kind of an odd selection for a fundamentalist, IMHO. How do we know she doesn't secretly worship Satan with a name-selection like that?)

What in the H-E-double-hockey-mom-sticks was McCain thinking?!

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On September 5, 2008, Sturdy Girl wrote:

I think she fired the personal chef because he/she might find her stash of henbane and mugwort. I can so see her boiling a little something in big black pot, while willow and piper take notes.

On September 5, 2008, Creepy wrote:

Add to that the fact she is a superstitious nut job, who would have history books changed to say the world is flat, only 5,000 years old, and dinosaur fossils were planted by the devil.

On September 6, 2008, Bill Stankus wrote:

What was he thinking? He was probably hoping to get "lucky".

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