IMHO Installment #21: Ayn Rand Kicked Ass

31 Mar 2007

A little break from the knee-slapping irreverence you've come to expect here at BSUWG. IMHO, Ayn Rand was one of the greatest philosophical and political minds ever. Here's an interview Rand did with Mike Wallace nearly 50 years ago (broken into three parts with a total running time of approx. 25 min., but well worth the investment). I love these videos. You get the sense that Wallace and staff spent the better part of a week coming up with questions sure to corner Rand, make her contradict herself, or cave on some issue -- but she answers with fierce and effortless intellectual prowess. It's awe-inspiring. (For me, anyway. Your mileage may vary.) I purposely avoid politics in most of my posts, but if you want an approximation of my world view, well, watch these vids:




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