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24 Nov 2007

Well, I've been picking on Democrats too much lately. Time to pick on the other side a little bit. Here's a snippet from this news item today:

"The problem with this approach is that in public health, as in a democracy, there is nothing worse than ignoring science, or marginalizing the voice of science for reasons driven by changing political winds. The job of surgeon general is to be the doctor of the nation, not the doctor of a political party," Carmona added.

Carmona said Bush administration political appointees censored his speeches and kept him from talking out publicly about certain issues, including the science on embryonic stem cell research, contraceptives and his misgivings about the administration's embrace of "abstinence-only" sex education.

You just can't take the friggin' surgeon general and turn him (or her) into a preacher. Science is science. If, as a president, you're against science, then you shouldn't have any scientists working for you at all. Just hire preachers and see how far that gets you.

Look, I'm no scientist. But, I do know that if I fall and break my back, I'd like to walk again. I'd also like it if others who currently cannot walk or suffer debilitating diseases could be cured. I also wouldn't mind living longer than the current life expectancy. Stem cell research might get us there. I'm all for it!

Thus, you have the difficult position of so many independents: If (1) the right could simply embrace science a little more and lighten up on the religion and (2) the left could be a little less socialistic, a little less regulatory/paternal/big-brotherish, and open up the free market a little more, then (3) we might have a better country. IMHO, of course.

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