Quick Thought

24 Nov 2007

Out of respect for my sister, I guess I'll resist going off on a rant about Barack Obama. But, I can't seem to find any stories about him that do not compare him with a preacher. So, you've got GW out there day-in/day-out all religious on us. You've got Hillary in the news today saying how she could only cope with Billy-Bob's infidelity because of her faith in God. You had, up until 2005, John Ashcroft as AG, who started each day with an prayer group for himself and his staff, and ended each day by covering up the breasts on the statues in the justice department halls. Are there any political candidates out there who care more about running the country than pandering?

Actually, I think there may be one lone candidate who, right or wrong in his overall ideology, seems committed to applying rational thought to the presidency (as opposed to leading us to a theocracy), and the man's name is Rudi.

(Funny, I wrote the above last night, and just saw this about a minute ago. Guess I'm not the only one thinking this way.)

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