Reviving the Fairness Doctrine is a Democrat Fuck Up

24 Nov 2007

So, I've heard rumors that Democrats are interested in reviving the Fairness Doctrine. Is that true? Is John Kerry really interested in doing this???

Maybe it's because most of my family are Democrats (instead of independents like me), but I feel particularly compelled to help the party by speaking out against this god-awful policy that many say is linked to the ideologically conservative dominance of talk radio.

Look, if the left needs a voice in talk radio -- and, it seems to need one -- then it should develop one just as the conservatives did over the past few decades.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not a "conservative" for reasons I've likely stated herein. But, in this case, the conservative view is the correct one. The market should determine what's aired and what isn't -- not Uncle Sam or Big Brother.

If there's a market for left-leaning talk radio, then it will emerge organically. I mean, I think Al Franken is a pretty funny guy -- but his show tanked because they expected to flip a switch and be instantly and equally as dominant and influential as the right-wing commentators who'd been working at this forever.

So, what happened? Was the left asleep? Forgot to invest in building a presence on the air all this time? And now they want the government to step in and pull market share from those who built it up the hard way -- the American way -- via investment and work and risk?

Talk radio is a lot of things; but at its core, it's a business. If the business fails, it disappears. If the business succeeds, it grows. Clearly, no matter how much the left disagrees with conservative talk personalities, it cannot deny that these people have built a vast, loyal listener base. Is this medium currently hyperbolic, slanted, extremely critical of the left? Certainly. That's part of their entertainment hook; that's why it's so popular.

But, last time I checked, our flag is still red, white, and blue; still has stars and stripes. That means this is America. That means that the American left is FREE to develop their own programming, being just as equally hyperbolic, slanted, and critical as they please. It won't happen overnight if they want it, but it'll have infinitely more validity if developed in the free market than if the government steps in and strong-arms a place for them.

As such, the Fairness Doctrine is by definition un-American. To speak against it is to speak out for the free market. To speak against it is to demonstrate resent for a government's insulting of our intelligence, for our leadership's insistence that we're all morons, unable to decide political matters on our own.

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