Hillman Policy Series: Volume 1 - Cuba

31 Mar 2008


People often ask me, "Patrick, if you were President of the U.S.A., what would you do about Cuba?"

Well, for one, I'd completely destroy the embargo. True, a lot of crazy shit happened in Cuba to bring it on, but that was aeons ago. No one cares anymore that they went all batshit crazy back in the 1950s. The missile crisis? Bygones. Under my administration, Cuba gets a clean slate.

Do I care that they're communists? No. Why should I? They're a foreign country. They can do whatever the hell they want, have any system of government they please. I don't feel it's America's duty to advise other countries on systems of government.

Americans want to travel there? Sure, go ahead, as long as they're cool with it. Want to buy Cuban cigars here in America? Sure, why not? To the extent they want to deal with us, we'll deal with them. To the extent that they do not, we will not.

What about the American people who lost property down there when Castro took over? Well, I'd say (1) that was ages ago, and (2) it serves as a good lesson on where Americans should be developing and owning property. There's always a risk when you do business off shore. Want to open a resort in a thrid-world nation? Go ahead. But it's not Uncle Sam's responsibility to ensure or insure your financial success.

One other thing I'd change: Any Cubans who risk their lives swimming, boating, or otherwise crossing that 90-odd miles of ocean toward Florida are welcome here. They'll have to go through some sort of processing, of course. And they won't receive any hand-outs. But I say let 'em in. If you hate communism that much, chances are you'll make a good American.

And that ends my official policy on Cuba.

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On April 5, 2008, Leonesse wrote:

Well, I figured the policy would include Blowing Shit Up with Gas, but hey, I guess we already have that and you are going in another direction. Good to hear.

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