Drug Deal Gone Bad

20 Feb 2007

Blogger's been acting all weird on me again. I've had two posts vaporize in the past week. Luckily, I update my blog via email, so I have backup copies to repost once their system normalizes. Plus, since I don't check my blog at work (not wanting to leave a trail and so forth), I never know if the thing is working right until I'm able to check it from home. So, until Blogger starts functioning properly (and, I'm really not complaining, since it's free and all), here's a quick feel-good story from today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

... Mr. Williams [a crack dealer from our 'hood known as Homewood] reached inside the driver's side window to try to shift the transmission into park to keep the man from leaving. The two men struggled, but the driver was able to pull away and speed off with Mr. Williams hanging partially out of the window.

"We believe the top half of his body was inside the vehicle and the lower half was outside," said Cmdr. Thomas Stangrecki, head of major crimes.

The car sped down Hamilton in the opposite lane of traffic and swerved into the other lane, where Mr. Williams' body struck a utility pole. His lower body was apparently severed when it was caught between the pole and the frame of the car door.

After that, the Dodge Neon continued for a few more blocks, with only the guy's waist and everything above it inside the car, the passengers no doubt freaking out as the crack dealer's entrails emptied all over the place like a friggin' Tom Savini nightmare. Jeez, I guess that guy didn't attend orientation. Isn't it in Crack Dealing 101 that you NEVER reach into the buyer's car like that?

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On February 20, 2007, Chris wrote:

Gee, I guess mom was right about not sticking your crack dealer ... errr I mean ARM out of the car window when I was a kid:)

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