Do's and Don'ts in Pennsylvania

09 Feb 2007

Per Yahoo! News ... Chrysler is planning to introduce Smart ForTwo in early 2008. In response, I have two photos to share today:

Photo 1:

Photo 2:

Hey, I know what you're thinking ... But, before you get on my ass over my being "part of the problem," consider the following: (1) My daily commute is 2 miles each way, (2) It's hilly here and icy in the wintertime, (3) I have an 11-year old daughter whose safety I care about.


1. When you drive an SUV and a semi hits you:

"Hey, you coked-up mother-trucker, you hit me!"

2. When you drive a SmartCar and a semi hits you:

[No response. Because you're brains are spread out between the treads of said coked-up trucker's 18 wheels.]

I'm actually particularly environmentally friendly, if you must know. We recycle, okay? (And, we're pretty strict about it.) If I lived in New York or "ell owen dee owen" or Paris, for example, and needed something to tool around the city in, sure, I'd get a scooter or a tiny car. But, for now, you can have my SUV when you pry the steering wheel from my cold, dead hands.

Just screwin' around, folks. Don't take me seriously.

Here's a photo of my Uncle Charlton for your enjoyment:

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